Genetic Counseling

Did you know that 5%-15% of cancer is due to hereditary factors based on family history? Knowing your family history of cancer can help you take a proactive approach to cancer screening and prevention.

Interested? Here are your options…

  • Schedule an appointment at the GE Family Wellness Center with a genetic counselor Tuesdays between 9AM-12PM at NO COST.
  • Schedule an appointment with your Primary Care Physician at the GEFWC.
  • If you qualify, based on family history, genetic testing is available IF you choose at NO COST.  Even if you don’t have a family history but are curious about cancer risk in your genes, tests are available at the discounted rate of $250.

Learn More: Call the GE Family Wellness Center at 513-853-8900. 

Resources for more information

Courtney Rice
Courtney Rice
Genetic Counselor
TriHealth Cancer Institute