How Do I Become a Patient? 

To become a patient, please call 513 853 8900 and have your insurance card readily available. Or, to register in person, visit the Wellness Center and bring your insurance card, ID, and, if you're a GE employee, provide your SSO#. Learn more.

What are the Center's hours? 

Visit our About Us section to see a complete listing of center hours. 

Will I save money using the Center?

GE has negotiated a specific rate for the clinic that may result in savings to employees and their dependents for services they receive in the clinic. The bigger cost savings will come from better managed chronic conditions, reduced emergency room visits and hospital admissions, more efficient and effective management of medications and coordination of care resulting in a Healthier You.

Does the Center provide GE work-related/occupational health treatment?

Yes, this facility provides both GE work-related care and primary care services.

Do I have to pay to use the Center?

You will have to pay for your share of primary care and personal care services (including Physical Therapy) in accordance with your benefit plan rules. If you are being treated for a work-related injury, the company will cover the expense as it has in the past.

Do I have to use the Center for my primary care?

No.  This facility will be an option for you and your adult dependents for primary care. There is no obligation to use it for primary care.

Does the facility offer pediatric care?

No, the center is intended for treatment of adult patients. Pediatric care requires unique equipment and facilities (i.e. isolation room, pediatric immunizations, infant scales, etc.) and the Center is not set up to meet these requirements. 

I am not covered by GE health benefits.  Can I still use the Center?

Yes. You as well as your spouse/partner can use the Center even if your insurance is not through a GE plan.  TriHealth will accept insurance from most major health plans. Please call the FWC if you have any questions.

What if I don’t want to use the Center for my regular doctor, but just go occasionally when it’s convenient?  Can I do that?

Yes.  You are able to make appointments to use the Center for episodic or acute care needs while still maintaining your relationship with your outside primary care doctor.

Does the pharmacy be in the Exclusive Choice Pharmacy Network?

Yes.  This pharmacy is considered in-network for the GE health benefits plans.

Am I able to use the pharmacy if I’m not otherwise a patient of the Center?

Yes, you are able to use the pharmacy even if you’re not otherwise a patient of the Center.

Am I able to fill my child’s prescriptions at the Center even if they aren’t old enough to be a primary care patient?

Yes.  You you are able to fill any of your dependents’ prescriptions at the Center pharmacy. 

Is there any imaging onsite – X-ray, MRI, etc.?

No. Initial analysis determined that it would not be feasible to include any imaging. However, the ability exists for slight facility modification to add imaging if needed. We will continue to offer onsite mammography via the mobile van.

Can I take my family to the Center for an emergency?

No. The Center is not intended to be used in place of a hospital emergency department. However, the Center will continue to address on-site employee occupational health injuries as required.

Do I always need an appointment to use the Center?

To better serve all our patients we ask that you schedule all appointments in advance of arriving.  Some same-day appointments will be available.

What do I do if there is an emergency or an urgent situation?

If there is an in-plant medical emergency, GE Fire Dept. will still be first responders.  Someone (supervisor, co-worker, first responder, etc.) should call the Center to advise that a patient is coming, so the staff can be prepared to meet them at the doors and provide immediate care.  If you have an urgent need while you are at the plant, and are able to transport yourself, you should call the Center to advise you are coming so you can be met at the doors and treated immediately.

NOTE:  The Emergency Department at the Center is only for occupational illness/injury.  Family and personal emergencies outside the facility should be taken to a local hospital Emergency Department for care.

Can I have my lab work done at the Center?

Yes. Lab work may be collected at the Center and sent to a lab that is in the GE network for processing. Results will be sent to your ordering physician.

Who are the providers?

The are  TriHealth Physicians doctors and clinicians specifically selected for the GE FWC. 

Does the Center refer only to TriHealth specialists?

No.  TriHealth is contractually obligated to refer to specialists evaluated by UHC as meeting both quality and cost requirements regardless if they are TriHealth providers.

Does the Center have any same-day appointments? 

Yes.  A number of appointments are available each day for same-day acute appointments.  If these appointments fill up, the team will work to accommodate patients as the Center volume permits.

If I want to use a Center physician for my primary care provider, how will my records get transferred from my current provider?

The Center will work directly with your current primary-care physician’s office to securely and expeditiously transfer your records once you have completed the record transfer form available through the Center.

Does the pharmacy have anything to purchase other than prescriptions?

Yes.  A variety of over-the-counter medications and common sundry items are available to purchase at the pharmacy for your convenience.

Are Gynecology (GYN) services available at the Center? 

Gynecology services are currently not available, but is a specialty we will consider adding based on demand.

Can I still get free over-the-counter medications at the Center?

No. Daily single dose packages will be available at locations throughout the plant at no cost so you will not need to go to the new Center for these items.  If you desire larger quantities of these items, you may purchase them at the Center pharmacy.

Can I transfer my current prescriptions to the Center pharmacy?

Yes.  You may contact the pharmacy to have your prescriptions transferred from your current pharmacy to the Center pharmacy.  The Center will contact your current pharmacy for you and facilitate the transfer.

Are GE employees, other than those from the Aerospace business, be able to use the Center or is it limited to Aerospace employees and families?

Any GE employee, retiree or eligible family member will be able to use the center, regardless of which business they are affiliated with.