Testimonial: Wellness Center Offers Comprehensive Care for Todd

It’s been nine months since the opening of the new GE Family Wellness Center, Managed by TriHealth, and employees are giving it rave reviews. Not only is it convenient -- offering full-service primary care, preventative care and a full-service pharmacy – but it also delivers high-quality, highly coordinated care in a comfortable, private setting.

After Todd Mayer began experiencing extreme foot pain while at work, he got a same-day appointment at the FWC and was extremely pleased with the care he received.

“The doctor was quickly able to diagnose my condition and write me a prescription for the onsite pharmacy. My medications were ready within minutes at a very low cost, and my symptoms were gone in two days. Not only did my physician solve my immediate pain and issue, but she took the time to educate me on improving my life choices to ensure my foot condition wouldn’t resurface.”

Mayer was so impressed with the services at the FWC, he chose to return when he needed follow-up care after a car accident.

“I naturally went back to the Wellness Center based on my recent experience. Once again my doctor took the time to explain to me why I was suffering pain, and prescribed to me medications and massage therapy. Both of these were again available at the Wellness Center, and both helped me recover from my accident. I definitely plan on making the Wellness Center my first one-stop shopping for medical needs.”

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And there are many more glowing testimonials from FWC patients over the initial nine months. Why not experience what the FWC can offer you, your spouse and adult children.

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